TShow: Possession

This house is definitely not clean!  Welcome, ghouls and goblins, to TShow’s Halloween themed drag show, POSSESSION!  Expect a dash of “grandma got into the wine again”, with a swig of “Carol-ann, go into the light”, and a good helping of healthy iron rich blood.  Oh it will be a good one!

With us, I want to welcome back Faye Tality to our neck of the woods.  Her name has been dropped again and again since we last had her come down.  I really look forward to working with her again.  Faye brings a breath of fresh air (compared to these other queens.. sheesh… shower a little… JK).

We are at a new location!  The Mansion!  506 Princess Street!

CONTEST: There will be a contest for Best Halloween Costume at the start of our 2nd set!  Winner will receive 50$ cash.  Make sure you are there or else you don’t win!

Date: Saturday, October 28th

Time: Doors open at 8pm, Show start at 9pm

Location: Lower Level, The Mansion, 506 Princess St, Kingston, ON

Cost: 15$ at the door

Featuring: Lilith Cain, Mimi Osa, Aphrodisiac Quinzel

Special Guest: Faye Tality – Toronto, ON

Faye Tality

Faye Tality – Toronto

Host: Tyffanie Morgan

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Please note: The Mansion will be hosting a paid party on the main level.  Please ensure to go to TShow in the lower level.  

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