The poison continues via proxy bullying

I have blocked pretty much every Kingston Pride Inc. board member from my Facebook account.  This was one of the first actions I did after writing my letter of resignation.  I knew if I continued to follow the majority of them, I would just be bombarded with their poisonous talk and bullying.  As you know, even this did not stop the vile and contemptible comments by board members coming through to and the Queen’s Journal article.

Today, I learnt this sort of activity has now begun on Twitter with the proxy Twitter account of @ArrEll_2016.  When I say proxy account, that is what it is.  This is a proxy Twitter account created by Kingston Pride Inc. to continue harassing members of the community, including myself, but at an arms distance.  Unfortunately, not that far of an arms distance since it is very transparent.

It is clear this Twitter account is a proxy account for the continued bullying by Kingston Pride Inc.  The simple virtue this proxy account only has one follower, @KingstonPride (after it’s rebranding), is very telling.  Plus the only two tweets it created was directed at me.  And finally, because @KingstonPride “Liked” the one tweet accusing me of being a poor sport.  You can read it all below.

Granted, some may think this evidence is a bit circumstantial and it doesn’t prove that Kingston Pride Inc. had any direct hand in creating the proxy profile.  I could agree with that so let’s look deeper.  The proxy profile seems to exist to create tweets that @KingstonPride “Likes” (at least 50% of them).  When a non-profit Likes a tweet on Twitter, it does sound like the non-profit endorses that opinion.  For example, if EGALE liked a tweet about a safe space opening up in a local high school, it would be seen by others as an endorsement of the safe space & the efforts in opening a safe space.  Therefore, an endorsement of vexatious comment towards myself and other members of the community is equally deplorable if Kingston Pride Inc. had made the comment directly.

I have no interest in feeding the bully.  But I will point a bully out and hope they will recognize the need to stop.  But then again, bullies seldom do know when to end.

I do want to take a moment and thank all of my supporters.  Some have very openly supported me and Andres while others have quietly made their support known.  It is very encouraging to have the support of so many wonderful people.  I appreciate the kind words.  Sooner or later this bullying will end.

The proxy profile

Feb 18 - Continues 1

The one and only follower

Feb 18 - Continued 2

Kingston Pride Inc. liking the vexatious comment

Feb 18 - Continued 3

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