BWTVideo008: I Am My Own Wife

Join Tyffanie as she chats with actor Brett Christopher and director Brendan Healy on the upcoming production of I Am My Own Wife by Doug Wright.  The play will be at the Grand Theatre from February 4th to 14th.

Prior to this post, I had promised to do a live audio interview of Brett and Brendan.  But due to some logistical issues, I wasn’t able to.  Sorry about that.  So I decided, if I couldn’t do it LIVE LIVE, I might as well give you video 🙂

If you are a valued subscriber to my podcast, you will notice something special.  I have given you a (somewhat large) file to download or view below.  This is the uninterrupted version of the interview.  Those who watch it on YouTube will be missing segments.

In addition to all this fun stuff, I have an extra special special extended bit of video for you too.  It will not be podcasted (I’m running out of room here! lol) but you can watch it from Vimeo and download it from Vimeo too.

Download the full version of the video or watch below

Watch the extra special special bit of video for you on Vimeo.

BWTVideo008: I Am My Own Wife (Extended) from Tyffanie Morgan on Vimeo.

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