BWT068: Sponge-Pocket Housecoat

Join Tyffanie as she chats up a storm with her good friend Tony from the UK.  We talk about the World Queer Movement.  Shhhh… don’t let CSIS know!

Tyffanie also introduces a new segment she wants to start up called… get this… ASK THE DRAG QUEEN! (original huh?)  Well this gives you an opportunity to ask her anything.  Just call her number 1-888-741-6171 and leave a question  for her to answer on the air.  Tyffanie will then answer the question for you 🙂

Oh, if you are wondering why I have this photo of half nekkid men… well… it’s a collage of Mr. Gay UK.  So I thought it represented Tony well.

Download or listen to the show below (click on the arrow type icon)


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