To monetize or not?

To monetize or not?  That seems to be an ongoing question throughout the podcasting and blogging world.  It has even crossed my mind many a times.  Just recently, I thought of monetizing Breakfast with Tyffanie.  The circumstances surrounding the situation seemed dire at the time but have since been resolved.  (ie, I was worried I was going to loose my job.  A little podcast making a little money during a time of potentially no income is a godsend.)

I can’t fault anyone who wants to monetize their podcast or blog.  They obviously thought through the pros and cons and came to the decision to monetize.  Who knows, maybe in the future, I might go down that route.  But not right now 🙂

But I’d like to think I would monetize for reasons other than supplementing my income.  Podcasting is a creative outlet and as Madge Weinstein put it one day on Yeast Radio (I’m not exactly quoting here), “Artists are taken advantage of because people know that Artists need to create.”  Artists create and will always create.  That is something that can be exploited and is commonly exploited regularly.  It’s like telling a junky that they need to jump through hoops before they can get their next fix and laughing at them as they jump through those hoops.  (crude analogy, I know!)

Anyway, what do you think SweetPeas?  Leave your comments 🙂

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