I’m getting the fear!

Oh my goodness, SweetPeas.  I am getting SO nervous with the talk I’m doing.  The talk will be on Queen’s Campus this Friday, November 14th at 5:30pm in Macintosh-Corry rm E229.  So let me back up here and tell you how I got into this situation.

I believe it was about a month ago (probably around the beginning of October) I was approached by Professor Jane Tolmie who runs the Sexual and Gender Diversity program of the Women’s Studies Department at Queen’s University to do a talk with her class.  It is a certificate program giving students a perspective on… well… sexual and gender identity.  Somehow I fit in there 🙂  She asked if I could talk with her students in a type of lecture then progress to a very informal “go to the bar and chat” at the Grad Club.

Being the multimedia whore that I am, I thought it would be very important to incorporate multimedia into my presentation.  Well, that’s where things begin to get crazy.  I was implementing a PowerPoint presentation extravaganza on my MacBook incorporating video and audio.  I didn’t realize that the presentation wouldn’t be PC friendly.

So here I am at work trying to redo some elements of my PowerPoint presentation so that it could be PC friendly.  But I’m loosing some of the multimedia 🙁  It is a bit upsetting and a bit scary.  But I’m also realizing that I may be putting too much focus on the multimedia and not the content.  This is even more scary!

After fixing this PowerPoint, I’m moving it to the side.  Now I need to focus on what I want to say in 30 minutes.  Can you imagine me just talking about myself in 30 minutes?  I talk about nothing for 30 minutes every Thursday with Breakfast with Tyffanie.  I’m just kidding!  But seriously, this is a bit scary.  What should I focus on in 30 minutes? 

I don’t know why I keep asking that question: What should I focus on in 30 minutes?  I asked that question of my listening audience of Breakfast with Tyffanie and I got 50 respondents.  50!  Very very happy about that. 

I just need to relax.  I can do this.  I do this all the time.  Oh goodness, I hope I don’t mess up!  Wish me luck 🙂

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