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TShow: Back to School

The return of TShow is at hand! You have been asking for it! On Saturday, September 15th, we’ll be bringing you a drag show to welcome back the students (and for us non-students, welcoming back reality from a fabulous summer).  Featuring: Ricky Raunch Morgan, Mimi Osa, Rowena Whey Hosted by: Tyffanie Morgan Usual times etc… Doors open at 8PM Show starts at 9PM […]

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TShow: Broken Hearts

TShow: Broken Hearts.. for those times post Valentines Day when you really just wanted to listen to that breakup song on repeat. But, don’t worry, we won’t be repeating the song over and over. Simply performing some of the best songs for a broken heart. Saturday, February 24 Doors open at 8PM, Show start at 9PM Renaissance, Lower Level – […]

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TShow: Gay Space 1999

Retro space shows WATCHOUT!  TShow is coming for ya!   TShow is proud to bring you TShow: Gay Space 1999; a retro futuristic drag show with a good dash of gay pixie dust (a little homage to June’s traditional gay pride month). Date: Saturday, June 10th Time: Doors open at 8PM, Show starts at 9PM Location: Renaissance, 285 Queen Street Cost: $15 Featuring: Mimi Osa, Aphrodisiac […]

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TShow: All About ME!

A little twist on our shows.  TShow is proud to bring you All About ME!, a drag show of drag queens for drag queens.  The ladies will be doing their favourite songs and performances for you.  So mysterious!   PS. First row audience be forewarned.   PSS. The entire audience be forewarned! Date: Saturday, April 22nd Time: Doors open at 8PM, […]

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TShow: Pop Royalty

Pop Royalty Drag Show

Divas to the dancefloor, please.  Divas to the dancfloor, please. TShow is proud to bring you performances of Pop Royalty.  We’ve got Bey, we’ve got Gaga … well… We’ve got royalty, SweetPea! Come on down as you watch Kingston’s finest queens dislocate and pop every muscle in their bodies giving you realness. Date: Friday, March 10th Time: Doors open at 8PM, […]

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TShow: Conjuring

It’s been 300 years right down to the day, now the witch is back and there’s hell to pay. Alright, it has been only a year.  But my oh my how time flies when you’re conjuring up some tea and lemonade. Be dazzled and mystified at the daring and almost devilish deeds of our witches, sorceresses, and mystics alike. (Well, drag queens.  They are […]

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TShow: The British Invasion

Lulus to the left of me, Gingers to the right, here I am stuck in a BRITISH INVASION! That’s right, SweetPeas!  TShow brings you a little taste across the pond with a British themed drag show.  Madge might even try to crash our party.. with her fake accent. Date: Friday, September 30th Time: Doors open at 8PM, Show starts at 9PM […]

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‘T’Show: Fresh – Volume 1

TShow is pleased to announce a new series of drag shows.  Welcome to FRESH!  We will strive to bring you new talent and up-and-coming drag queens in and around Kingston.  Not to be confused with your grandmother’s drag shows! Featuring: Lilith Cain, Fabula North, Ophelia Upp! Hosted: Tyffanie Morgan – Miss Gay Kingston Location: Renaissance Event Venue, Lower Salon, 285 Queen […]

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