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I’m getting the fear!

Oh my goodness, SweetPeas.  I am getting SO nervous with the talk I’m doing.  The talk will be on Queen’s Campus this Friday, November 14th at 5:30pm in Macintosh-Corry rm E229.  So let me back up here and tell you how I got into this situation. I believe it was about a month ago (probably around the beginning of October) I […]

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Welcome to SweetPea Press

Hello SweetPeas!  I am Ms. Tyffanie Morgan and I’m happy to announce I have updated my blog by renaming it and reformating it 🙂  I love WordPress so welcome to the new page.  I’ll be posting anything and everything to here that I find interesting.  So it may be a bit jumbled and none-linear but I think you’ll like it […]

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