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TShow: Crazy Sexy Cool

TShow reaches deep into the tickle trunk to dust off some of your favourite throwback songs from the 90s, early 2000s, and (in Tyffanie’s case) the roaring 2000 BCs (WHOA those Egyptians knew how to throw down a track!) Join us as our cast and crew welcome new and old faces to the fabulous evening of TShow: Crazy Sexy Cool! […]

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‘T’Show: Dungeons & Drag Queens

NOTE: Change of location to Renaissance. What’s more fabulous than a drag queen in some sort of fantasy outfit? A bunch of drag queens in fantasy outfits!!! We are pleased to announce ‘T’Show: Dungeons & Drag Queens bringing you a fantasy/cosplay/dungeon mistress/whips & chains sort of event. More fantasy outfits than whips and chains. But the girls are going to […]

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