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TShow: Slay Ride patrons raise $44.10 for Larry

During the fabulous TShow: Slay Ride, Matt Salton from ReelOut (a member of The Kingston Rainbow Refugee Project) spoke to raise awareness about Larry and how we can help Larry come to Canada.  For more details on Larry, their journey, and what needs to be raised to get Larry to Canada, please check out this hyperlink: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/reelout-arts-projects-inc/krrp/  A last minute call out […]

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BWTReelOut1101: Matt's Exclusive

There’s only one Queen in all of Canada that’s important enough to have a come back.  That’s right!  She’s back! Bringing you some news of ReelOut 11 (starting January 28th) from the Queen of ReelOut, Mr. Matt Salton – Festival and Programming Director.  Come check out all the latest queer films + videos this year in Kingston, Ontario. I really […]

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