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TShow: Broken Hearts

TShow: Broken Hearts.. for those times post Valentines Day when you really just wanted to listen to that breakup song on repeat. But, don’t worry, we won’t be repeating the song over and over. Simply performing some of the best songs for a broken heart. Saturday, February 24 Doors open at 8PM, Show start at 9PM Renaissance, Lower Level – […]

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TShow: Possession

This house is definitely not clean!  Welcome, ghouls and goblins, to TShow’s Halloween themed drag show, POSSESSION!  Expect a dash of “grandma got into the wine again”, with a swig of “Carol-ann, go into the light”, and a good helping of healthy iron rich blood.  Oh it will be a good one! With us, I want to welcome back Faye […]

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TShow: Country Traditions

Howdy neighbours!  It’s a time to bring back your home schooled, moonshine drinking, truck driving country divas to the stage bringing you one hailbail ride of a drag show.  You’ll give up your high teeth for the first show of the season, but please don’t.  Date: Friday, September 15 Time: Doors open at 8pm, Show start at 9pm Location: Lower […]

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TShow: Gay Space 1999

Retro space shows WATCHOUT!  TShow is coming for ya!   TShow is proud to bring you TShow: Gay Space 1999; a retro futuristic drag show with a good dash of gay pixie dust (a little homage to June’s traditional gay pride month). Date: Saturday, June 10th Time: Doors open at 8PM, Show starts at 9PM Location: Renaissance, 285 Queen Street Cost: $15 Featuring: Mimi Osa, Aphrodisiac […]

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TShow: All About ME!

A little twist on our shows.  TShow is proud to bring you All About ME!, a drag show of drag queens for drag queens.  The ladies will be doing their favourite songs and performances for you.  So mysterious!   PS. First row audience be forewarned.   PSS. The entire audience be forewarned! Date: Saturday, April 22nd Time: Doors open at 8PM, […]

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TShow: Pop Royalty

Pop Royalty Drag Show

Divas to the dancefloor, please.  Divas to the dancfloor, please. TShow is proud to bring you performances of Pop Royalty.  We’ve got Bey, we’ve got Gaga … well… We’ve got royalty, SweetPea! Come on down as you watch Kingston’s finest queens dislocate and pop every muscle in their bodies giving you realness. Date: Friday, March 10th Time: Doors open at 8PM, […]

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TShow: Summer Nights 2.0

Remember when it wasn’t -2billion degrees outside?  Neither can we.  It’s time to change that! Welcome to TShow: Summer Nights 2.0 where we bring you some of the songs of summers past plus song that remind you of beaches and warm tropical locations.  Oo.. I got a shiver of anticipation!  So come out with your favourite thongs and celebrate with […]

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TShow: I drink a little

TShow: I drink a little; the post New Year’s celebration realization and affirmation that whatever drag show we give ya, we may not remember it in the morning!  With a dash of Ellen and daytime wine drinking. TShow is proud to present a fabulous drag show featuring terrific and wonderful talent by a bunch of trash talking but totally titilating […]

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