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‘T’Show: Broadway Divas

Photograph of Broadway in New York City.

Join the drag queen divas as they bring you the the magic that is Broadway! We will be celebrating Broadway, the Limelight, the Cinema, and all those wonderful people who help put it together (but aren’t all that important to mention during our awards ceremony speech). Featuring: Mimi Osa, Aphrodisiac Quinzel, Sienna Towers, and Tyffanie Morgan. Location: Sir John’s Public House, Great […]

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TShow Presents: Broadway Divas

Broadway Divas Poster

Miss Tyffanie Morgan gladly and gayly announces the upcoming T-Show: Broadway Divas on Friday, April 24th.  The show will bring you the best drag queen talent in Kingston performing your favourite Broadway songs.  Please welcome the talented and tantalizing: Miss Venus DaRogue-Morgan Miss Ricky Raunch-Morgan Miss Lily Landers Miss Manhattan and, your host, Miss Tyffanie Morgan The Broadway Divas show will […]

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