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BWT105: Happy Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011 - Image of my pumpkin

Hi SweetPeas!  It has been an awful long time since last I posted.  Today I’m experimenting with recording on my iPhone.  It wasn’t any easier than recording from my regular microphone.  At least it got me to do another episode 🙂 Don’t mind the audio quality.  C’est tres mauvaise!  But it’s a start. Happy Halloween!!!

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BWT104: Amnesia, I swear!

I had amnesia.  That is why I have been gone so long.  I swear!  There’s no other explanation!  🙂 Well, here I am!  I have finally come back from the podcasting netherworld to bring you a little ray of sunshine; a little ray of hope.  Send money 😉 Thanks to Bob and Mark of the Canadian Podcast Buffet for starting […]

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BWTVideo011: Out on the Queen II

Join Tyffanie as she takes you on a recap of Out on the Queen II with an exclusive interview with Deb Pearce and appearances by Kelly Dear, Nancy Rancourt, Man Murray, and John MacTavish. By the way SweetPeas, you have a lovely new choice of formats. You can download the podcast video or view it from the automatic player below. […]

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BWT103: Backyard

Tyffanie’s in the backyard and the gutter for this show.  Join a little audio journey from Tyffanie’s backyard (no euphemism here) to the gutter (euphemism here) and back to your iPod.  Topics include chicken on the BBQ, sex workers and sex work, and Tyffanie’s neighbourhood.

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