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How do I tap into my personality?

On a regular basis, I find myself filling out an application form or sending my cover letter and resume off in hopes of attaining that dream job I always dream of.  You know the dream, right? Where you sit around, do very little, get a HUGE cheque every day, and have fun doing the work you are asked to do.  […]

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Am I selling out if I use government money?

There was a recent storm of blogging and twittering in regards to a well know blogger who accepted money from a large Canadian store to buy items from the store and discuss those items in a blog posting.  Basically, the blogger was paid for a blog post.  He was completely transparent about the situation and even talked about the deal in later […]

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Episode 2008/12/11

On this episode of Gender Bender, Jessy and Tyffanie speak with DJ DSy aka Ricky Morgan who is Miss Tyffanie’s Drag Sister.  Listen as they gab about Kingston, HIV/AIDS, and shoes.

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Measuring Success?

I want you to first think about how you measure success.  With your job or your blog or your day to day life, how do you measure success?  Then I want you to think about how others measure your success. I’m so pissed off, SweetPeas!  That’s right!  PO’d!!!  Of course, this all started from another Xtra article on  “How Facebook […]

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To monetize or not?

To monetize or not?  That seems to be an ongoing question throughout the podcasting and blogging world.  It has even crossed my mind many a times.  Just recently, I thought of monetizing Breakfast with Tyffanie.  The circumstances surrounding the situation seemed dire at the time but have since been resolved.  (ie, I was worried I was going to loose my […]

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