Monthly Archives: September 2018

TShow: Born in Blood

Zombies, Ghouls, Goblins, and all other gender diverse undead.  Welcome to TShow: BORN IN BLOOD!!!! A Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday drag show. Plus, beauty tips by Miss Tyffanie Morgan on her 21st birthday. We hear it has something to do with bathing in blood but that’s just a rumour… so far. Featuring Lilith Cain, Mercury Wilde, Mimi Osa. Hosted […]

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TShow: Back to School

The return of TShow is at hand! You have been asking for it! On Saturday, September 15th, we’ll be bringing you a drag show to welcome back the students (and for us non-students, welcoming back reality from a fabulous summer).  Featuring: Ricky Raunch Morgan, Mimi Osa, Rowena Whey Hosted by: Tyffanie Morgan Usual times etc… Doors open at 8PM Show starts at 9PM […]

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