TShow: #GodSaveTheQueen fundraising recap & setlist

Good Monday Morning, SweetPeas!

If you missed #GodSaveTheQueen, you missed out on one of the best shows EVER!  Like totes serious.  Plus, it was one of the most fundraising-tastic events.  You helped raise money for two wonderful organizations to the sum of $332.00!  WOOT!

During my (Tyffanie Morgan’s) performance, I asked the audience to give generously to the Rainbow Railroad, a Canadian organization.  At this time, they are focusing efforts in obtaining visas and travel plans for gay refugees from Chechnya with the help of a Russian based LGBT organization.  As many know, there is currently a government sponsored purge of gay men in Chechnya.  Many have been rounded up into a prison which is being characterized as a concentration camp.  The local government has also called on families to “do the right thing” by killing any gay relatives, sons.  By the end of the night, you raised $229.00.  I originally announced $207.87 on the microphone but a few more donations came in afterward.  And if you feel inclined to donate again, please check out Rainbow Railroad’s website.  They also accept donations of Aeroplan miles (if only I had any).  

Snipit of confirmation of donation to Rainbow Railroad.

Just in case there’s any question 😉

But not just donating generously to Rainbow Railroad, you also donated generously to Pride in Kingston.  Pride in Kingston is fundraising to bring a fabulous LGBT Pride festival to Kingston, Ontario.  Volunteers were on hand to sell 50/50 tickets (Thank you Volunteers!).  At the end of the day, a grand prize of $93.00 was given to a lucky audience member.  WOOT!  HAPPY PRIDE!  June 17th is the scheduled day for the Pride Parade in Kingston.

The ladies and I had an interesting request… not that kind of request.  HA!  One of the audience members asked if we could post the songs we performed.  I guess they are really fun songs! 🙂  So below is the setlist. 


1st Set

Lilith Cain – Dear Mister Pres – P!NK feat Indigo Girls

Mimi Osa – Attracting Flies – AlunaGeorge

Aphrodisiac Quinzel – Ransom – Rich White Ladies

Tyffanie Morgan – War Song – Culture Club

Lilith Cain – Kill of the Night – Elle King (Lilith Edit)

Mimi Osa – Hollywood – Marina and the Diamonds

Aphrodisiac Quinzel – Stupid Hoe – Nicki Minaj

Tyffanie Morgan – Gypsy Woman – Crystal Waters

ALL – Mr President Birthday Song for Denis

2nd Set

Lilith Cain – America’s Sweetheart – Elle King

Mimi Osa – Government Hooker – Lady Gaga

Aphrodisiac Quinzel – Don’t hurt yourself / Melania – Beyonce (Aphrodisiac edit)

Tyffanie Morgan – Where have all the flowers gone – Marlene Dietrich

Lilith Cain – Bitch/Girlfriend Mix (Mashup) – Avril Lavigne & Marina and the Diamonds

Mimi Osa – Not ready to make nice – Dixie Chicks

Aphrodisiac Quinzel – The Queen of Americana – Lady Gaga

Tyffanie Morgan – From a distance – Bette Midler

ALL & Audience – Sing Along – Down by the Riverside

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