Miss Gay Kingston renewed

Photo of Tyffanie Morgan, Miss Gay Kingston and friend

Many of you would have heard me drop the line that I’m Miss Gay Kingston.  I have been using this title for a few years (if not a little longer now).  I was gifted this title by Jas Morgan, someone very dear to me, who used the title for herself for 10 or more years.

The title had a history.  Back in the 1990s, it was a title handed out yearly through a pageant.  Each year, one of the many drag queens in town (yes, there were SOOOO many and I ain’t lying) would win the title out of a handful of contestants.  It was a very local show and meant something to everyone.

But that later changed.  In the late 90s, the pageants ended.  There was a slow decrease in the number of drag queens.  Eventually, there was one queen who was performing regularly and that queen was me.  Around this time, I was gifted the title.

Today, things have changed drastically and dramatically.  Drag queens are popping up everywhere!  We’re popular again!  YEAH!  And because of that, I feel Miss Gay Kingston needs to be renewed.

It’s very clear to a few people out there I am very attached to the title.  I feel a great responsibility to the title and to the history of the title.  It means allot to many people.  It is a strong and respected brand in the community.  However, with all the talent in town, it might be best to pass it on for the title to grow and continue to be a respected brand within the community.

I am making arrangements to hold a competition for the Miss Gay Kingston title in the fall of 2016.  I am aiming to host this competition for end of September/beginning of October.  This is currently contingent on my open application to trademark the title and building other mechanisms to ensure the title of Miss Gay Kingston excels in the years ahead.  More details will be announced leading up to the competition.

Look out for some fundraising opportunities in the future.  Funds are needed to have a fabulous contest.  WOOT!  So make sure to check back here when you can.

To all the queens of Kingston, Ontario: Start getting ready, gurls!  I look forward to see what you got!


Tyffanie Morgan
Miss Gay Kingston (current title holder)


  • Miss Tyffanie Morgan is their a Miss Kingston Pride 2017? If so how does one apply please and thank you?

  • I’ve just been catching up on your blog, and wow have I missed a a whole era of info. Let me know if you need any help with fundraisers and Ill do my best to be be there for you. Its good to see a revitalization of the drag community with so many talented ladies taking to the stage.

    Glimmer gleam,

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