‘T’Show: Dungeons & Drag Queens


NOTE: Change of location to Renaissance.

What’s more fabulous than a drag queen in some sort of fantasy outfit? A bunch of drag queens in fantasy outfits!!!

We are pleased to announce ‘T’Show: Dungeons & Drag Queens bringing you a fantasy/cosplay/dungeon mistress/whips & chains sort of event. More fantasy outfits than whips and chains. But the girls are going to have lots of fun with this theme.

  • Featuring:¬†Aprhodisiac Quinzel, Mimi Osa, Ricky Raunch-Morgan, Tyffanie Morgan
  • Location: Renaissance, Lower Salon, 285 Queen Street, Kingston Ontario
  • Date:¬†May 7, 2016
  • Show Times:
    • The Early Show:
      • Doors open: 8PM
      • Show starts: 8:30PM
      • End time: 10:30PM
      • Cost: 12$
    • The Late Show:
      • Doors open: 11PM
      • Show starts: 11:30PM
      • End time: 1:30AM
      • Cost: 15$

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