Sabal Minor

This has been a special early early spring.  A little more than a year ago, I became fascinated with tropical large leaved plants.  I looked up images and how-to videos online.  I saw different types of plants and how people grew them.  I saw how people in my growing zone area were pushing the hardiness of plants by choosing more hardy tropical looking or truly tropical who can take a beating plants such as Musa Basjoo bananas.  With all this research, I came across some plants that might not be truly hardy but you kinda felt like you could not live without owning one or two of them somehow/somewhere.  One of those plants is Sabal Minor.

Sabal Minor or Dwarf Palmeto is a small fan palm.  It can grow upto 1meter high.  It also is one of the most hardier of the palms but would require allot of protection if it were to survive outside my house all winter long.  That being said, there are some of those in Kingston who have overwintered their Sabal Minor’s outside.  I won’t be one of those.

I think ScottyOn1 on YouTube has been a bit of an influence on my decision to try out a palm or two in Kingston.  He lives somewhere in this city of mine and grows palms outdoors all year long.  It’s mind blowing the effort he puts into protection of these plants outside.  My Sabal Minors will probably not go outside all winter long but I love the idea of these palms surviving the harsh conditions of my home.

My house isn’t a tropical oasis all winter long.  No way, no how.  This is an older 100+ year old home.  I’d be ecstatic if the temperature was consistent from room to room; floor to floor.  But alas, it is not.  That being said, it is very helpful in placing tropical like plants into hibernation for the season.  And if Sabal Minors can resist cold dry temperatures, all the better for me and my cold house.

Alright, enough of that.  Time to show off the seedlings.


Seeds are always the cheapest option and sometimes the only option in Kingston.  I was astounded  seeds purchased from two different websites a year apart both sprouted.  I’d say, if you ever wanted to try growing your own palm tree, try a Sabal Minor seed.  Germination took about 2 months in their little sealed glass jars with bottom heat.

IMG_3762At last count, it is now 5 seedlings.  They have been potted on and are being hardened off from the heat and high moisture slowly.  The one thing I did notice is the root system seems to take awhile to establish.  I think these little guys will be in these pots for awhile.

Anyway, SweetPeas!  Time to log off.  Hope you enjoy!

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