BWTReelOut1103: Community Leaders

Watch and listen to some amazing people who came to ReelOut 11.  Jessy Jazz and I had a lovely interview with Helen Kennedy, Executive Director of EGALE and Jane Walsh of Ontario CUPE Pink Triangle Committee.

It was a truly inspirational interview.  Not only are these two fine people fighting the good fight but they are very friendly and easy to approach.  Helen said herself that it’s important to go out there to meet the community that she serves.  I think that’s a wonderful.

For a full audio version of the interview, go to

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Helen Kennedy and Jane Walsh. Roll the video 🙂

Oh, PS. I’ve attempted to use a different video format.  Hopefully, all you iPod and iPhone users won’t notice one single difference but those with Windows PCs might be a bit happier.

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