BWTReelOut1101: Matt’s Exclusive

There’s only one Queen in all of Canada that’s important enough to have a come back.  That’s right!  She’s back! Bringing you some news of ReelOut 11 (starting January 28th) from the Queen of ReelOut, Mr. Matt Salton – Festival and Programming Director.  Come check out all the latest queer films + videos this year in Kingston, Ontario.

I really have to thank ReelOut.  It appears I was in a bit of a downward slump.  But thanks to ReelOut, I’ve come out of my podfaded shell and started producing Breakfast with Tyffanie videos again.  Wait for the official come back video 🙂  Tee hee!  But please do enjoy this little interview.

I am having some hiccups with the player but I don’t know if it’s just my system.  If you have any issues, tweet me @tyffanie

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