BWT076: Lunar Phases

Podcamp Toronto, PAB, ReelOut, I Am My Own Wife, Dawn House… Tyffanie has a full plate for the next few weeks and she’s feeling it.  Join her as she talks about everything 🙂

Above you will find a photo of Charlie David.  He is the lovely man who is coming to Kingston to show off his film Mulligans (check out the trailer below).  HOT!

I also re-uploaded BWTVideo008 to the server.  I played the video all the way through.  Try again SweetPeas!  If there are any other further issues, don’t hesitate to contact me

Download or listen below




  • “Like a muffin or a beet”? That is so freaky cool.

    You’re like the Scarborough Dude not only for the stream of consciousness, but also because you talk about what you want to/what interests you/what hits your radar and also because sometimes you sound a little like the podcast is a place of self-discovery for you, and you’re sharing all of that process with the listener. SD makes me think, and so do you.

  • I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling so great this week. It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person–large as life and twice as glamorous!–on Friday.

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