BWT074: Oprah of the North

As Maxwell said, I must be the Oprah of the North… the Oprah of Queer Podcasting in Canada.  Welcome SweetPeas to this week’s episode.  I call up a new friend, Mr. Maxwell, all the way in Vancouver to discuss VanCubz and the CubzCast podcast.  Part of my new effort to Get To Know You in the world of Canadian Queercasters.  Are you next?

Below, you will find some links and a video preview of Were the World Mine which will be screened at this year’s ReelOut Queer Film + Video Festival.  Oh, did I mention ReelOut is turning 10 this year?!?!

Tyffanie has started contributing to the Kingstonist.  Check it out and read Tyffanie’s first blog post ReelOut is coming to Town.

Download or listen below



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