Will Milk be released in smaller Canadian cities?

As some of you may know listening to my podcast (Breakfast with Tyffanie), I’m slowly becoming obsessed with the need to watch the new movie Milk with Sean Penn.  Not because I have some fascination with Sean Penn.  But I want to see this movie because it is based on a very important person, before my time, Mr. Harvey Milk. 

I have just recently rediscovered the original 1984 documentary of Harvey Milk called The Times of Harvey Milk.  It once again moved me.  I remember watching it when I was a baby gay sneeking a glimpse of American public television in the wee hours of the morning.  Why the wee hours?  Well, that’s the only time they had the gay stuff on TV. 

I have called the local movie theatres many many times.  Originally, I was hoping that Cineplex Odeon would release Milk on the 26th of November where it was scheduled to be released in Toronto.  Well, I found out that it was ONLY released in Toronto on the 26th as well as major cities in America.

The next release date (because they don’t release movies everywhere on the same day… I don’t know why) will be December 5th.  I’ve been on the phone calling both of our local theatres the Empire Theatre and the Cineplex Odeon.  Both have said that they do not have plans to play Milk on the 5th of December.  Both theatres added that they do not know when they will air Milk.  In fact, Cineplex Odeon mentioned that they may never get a copy of Milk.

Cineplex Odeon may NEVER get a copy of Milk to air in Kingston?  I’m not sure how to react to this.  My first thought was AHHHH!  (due to my obsession and all).  Then I began to wonder.  Will Milk be released in smaller Canadian cities?  There have been some incidences of movies never making it to small towns.  Apprently the theatre companies worry the movie would not be profitable. 

Fuck profits!  GIVE ME MILK!  Milk was a hugely influential person and a movie coming out about him at this time in gay history… do I need to spell it out?  This is huge!  GIVE ME MILK!


  • As far as I can see, Milk isn’t going to open out here in SW Ontario either (not Guelph or Waterloo, anyway). Neither did Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire, which I was dying to see. It’s possible it’ll end up in one of the couple of small, independent cinemas we have, but their hours are terrible.

    As usual, we’ll probably have to drive into Toronto if we really want to see anything worth seeing.

  • That sounds just about right 🙂 That’s basically life here in Kingston as well 🙂 Gotta go to TO

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