FINE! I’ll make some New Year Resolutions.

Fine fine fine… after reviewing EVERYONE’s New Year Resolutions, I’m caving in and creating my own.  What can I say, I have no back bone 🙂

  1. Finally buy that elliptical that I promised I would buy last New Year.  For some reason, I couldn’t find any time to purchase an elliptical.  But I did find time to buy an air conditioner, start a radio show, and converse on facebook for hours and hours and hours… and hours…
  2. Buy a House.  I’m actually at that stage in my little existence where I am getting ready to make the big leap to purchase a house.  I just have to wait to become permanent at my job.  Once I am, watch out Kingston!
  3. Finally make a firm decision on whether or not I’m staying in Kingston.  That’s right SweetPeas!  I’m a walking contradiction.  I want to buy a house (which would imply setting down roots) but I also think I may want to move to Toronto.  Toronto has many more opportunities for me with Drag, New Media, my current career.. and boys 🙂  So I have to finally make my decision if I want to move to the big smoke.
  4. Travel more.  I don’t travel enough.  I have promised many people all across the globe that I would visit them.  Do you think I have done anything to make that happen?  No.  So I need to travel more and follow through on some or all of those promises.
  5. I want to become more engaged.  If you think I am engaged enough, I would disagree.  I feel I can do more.  I could mentor or outreach and become more engaged.  Engaged in what?  Everything 🙂  lol!  But more focused on queer news, culture, and politics.

Well that’s it, SweetPeas!  Please share your resolutions with me by commenting below, sending me an email tyffanie[at] or by calling 1-888-741-6171

Happy New Year!!!

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  • Best of luck with your New Years resolution…and awesome blog by the way. I can’t believe I haven’t found this site sooner, and really want to check out your podcast as soon as I get home.

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