Monthly Archives: December 2008

Episode 2008/12/11

On this episode of Gender Bender, Jessy and Tyffanie speak with DJ DSy aka Ricky Morgan who is Miss Tyffanie’s Drag Sister.  Listen as they gab about Kingston, HIV/AIDS, and shoes.

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BWT069: Big Love

Listen to your crazy Canadian DQ talk about getting a family physician at the largest rostering clinic in Canada (if not the world), creating Canadian queer content, and she debuts her new segment “Leave a Q for the DQ”. Download or listen below [audio:]

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Measuring Success?

I want you to first think about how you measure success.  With your job or your blog or your day to day life, how do you measure success?  Then I want you to think about how others measure your success. I’m so pissed off, SweetPeas!  That’s right!  PO’d!!!  Of course, this all started from another Xtra article on  “How Facebook […]

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