• You say -10C is not so bad? Wow! Could you tell us how you get bundled up and still look stylish on a cold winter day? Do you have any tips you want to share with us?

  • Hahahahaha… Well, I’ve learnt through the years NOT to wear very high stillettos in the snow 🙂 The best piece of advice, I think, is to wear nylons, a fur coat, and a big hunk of a man to keep you warm as you dart from one party to another. Now if only I can find a big hunk of a man…

  • Hey Tyffanie Thank you!!!!!!!! so much for mentioning me on your show “you totaly rock” I just finished listining to a few of your shows they were awesome just like you 😉 lots of love and twirl hugs from Toronto Ontario from Can Cub Adam Fox of GLBC Radio

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