BWT065: Fort Fright

Lots to talk about and no rhyme or reason!  Tyffanie talks about her 7th BWTVideo, Fort Fright, Polls, and her upcoming talk at Queen’s University.

So STRESSED about the talk at Queen’s… ugh!

Check out the link to Fort Fright.  Pretty good for old Kingston town 🙂

Download or listen below


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  • Your Lovely Sister

    Greetings Tyffanie!

    It sounds like the poll you used to help you choose topics for your talk at Queen’s University was pretty successful – why don’t you hold a poll of topics for BWT?! You could hold the poll for a special episode of BWT held every month consisting solely of topics chosen by your fans! You could even do a regular “Ask Tyffanie” segment where you address questions asked by your fans either online, by phone, or in person 😉 It would give you an opportunity to deliver your own special brand of advice! Perhaps your listeners would also benefit from that speical advice only a mother can give – get Tyffanie’s Mother involved!! lol!

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