After the Talk

I’m sitting here on a Saturday afternoon nursing a bit of a headache.  The headache wasn’t caused by anything I did last night, unfortunately.  I’m listening to the Perry Twin’s Myspace Page currently on their track “Activate My Body” wishing my body could get activated today. Well at least out from the chair.  I’m also finishing up some editing of video from last night’s Talk I did.

I was asked by the Sexual and Gender Diversity Certificate Program of the Department of Women’s Studies of Queen’s University to do a little talk with students and anyone who wanted to come by.  How could I have said no?  Any opportunity to engage a room full of people and talk about how FABULOUS I am!

Well the talk was a success.  I was told I was engaging and entertaining.  Which is what I was hoping for!  Now I wonder if the content was good too?  I better ask around.  Anyway…

So there will be 4 video clips right now.  I’ve edited them to be put on YouTube (as they are large files and I don’t want to eat up anymore bandwidth on  They will be up very shortly.  Check them out.  Hopefully, I haven’t demystified the Drag Queen 🙂

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