Monthly Archives: November 2008

To monetize or not?

To monetize or not?  That seems to be an ongoing question throughout the podcasting and blogging world.  It has even crossed my mind many a times.  Just recently, I thought of monetizing Breakfast with Tyffanie.  The circumstances surrounding the situation seemed dire at the time but have since been resolved.  (ie, I was worried I was going to loose my […]

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The Agenda is coming to town!!!!

The Agenda with Steve Paikin is coming to Kingston in the New Year!  Yeah!  I’m such a big fan of TVO / TV Ontario / Channel 2and I’m a bigger fan of Steve Paikin.  The Agenda is going around Ontario doing a guided discussion on different economies that make up Ontario.  In previous episodes, they have travelled to Sault Ste Marie to […]

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After the Talk

I’m sitting here on a Saturday afternoon nursing a bit of a headache.  The headache wasn’t caused by anything I did last night, unfortunately.  I’m listening to the Perry Twin’s Myspace Page currently on their track “Activate My Body” wishing my body could get activated today. Well at least out from the chair.  I’m also finishing up some editing of […]

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BWT065: Fort Fright

Lots to talk about and no rhyme or reason!  Tyffanie talks about her 7th BWTVideo, Fort Fright, Polls, and her upcoming talk at Queen’s University. So STRESSED about the talk at Queen’s… ugh! Check out the link to Fort Fright.  Pretty good for old Kingston town 🙂 Download or listen below [audio:]

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I’m getting the fear!

Oh my goodness, SweetPeas.  I am getting SO nervous with the talk I’m doing.  The talk will be on Queen’s Campus this Friday, November 14th at 5:30pm in Macintosh-Corry rm E229.  So let me back up here and tell you how I got into this situation. I believe it was about a month ago (probably around the beginning of October) I […]

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Welcome to SweetPea Press

Hello SweetPeas!  I am Ms. Tyffanie Morgan and I’m happy to announce I have updated my blog by renaming it and reformating it 🙂  I love WordPress so welcome to the new page.  I’ll be posting anything and everything to here that I find interesting.  So it may be a bit jumbled and none-linear but I think you’ll like it […]

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