BWT059: Homecoming Weekend

Tyffanie was very rushed with today’s episode 🙂  She is running late and wanted to get a lot off her chest. She talks about the Homecoming weekend parties, the Grad Club, Politicin’, and Gay Bashing in Vancouver… check it out!

Download or listen below


Xtra Article of Gay Bashing in Vancouver, CAN

Big Gay News Article of Gay Bashing in Vancouver, CAN

UPDATE (10pm Thurs, Oct 2): She was SOOOO rushed that she even saved the show as a big file by accident!!! LOL!  I have replaced the old file that was something like 50MBs.  It is now down to 34.6MBs.  SORRY FOR THAT ISSUE! 🙁

UPDATE (11:15pm Thurs, Oct 2): I like to think that after 1 year of podcasting I would know a few things.  For instance, I would know to make the mp3 a nice small size of 30 or so MBs for people to download to their iPod or computer or whatever.  Then I would also know to make sure you don’t record dead air because that is a waste of people’s time and MBs 🙂  Well… this is the 2nd and last update of my show.  FINALLY!  Sorry about this, SweetPeas!


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