BWT058: Gay Conservative

Chris Reid is the former Tory candidate for Toronto Centre

This is a very special edition of Breakfast with Tyffanie.  I had a lovely thought provoking interview with Chris Reid.  Know him?  He’s been in the news lately.  He is an open gay man who is also conservative (right wing) and he’s also an old friend!  Interested?  Check it out!

Chris and I both agree that you… yes YOU should go out and vote!  We might want you to vote for different parties or ideals but we both want you to vote in the Canadian Federal Election on October 14th, 2008.  What that means is you should find out who your candidates are in your riding and where you can vote on voting day.  You can even vote in advance polls!  You can find all this information by going to one simple website GO GO GO!

Download or listen below


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