BWT057: Fag be gone

Fag Be Gone is a new spray when you need to get that little annoying boy away from your boy!  🙂  Kidding!  Today Tyffanie talks about news articles, opinion pieces, HIV/AIDS, and the AIDS Walk for Life this Saturday!    She did forget to do the Community Bulletin Board 🙁  I know!  I’m sorry.  BUT here are some highlights: TONIGHT Thursday Sept 18th is Take Back the Night, part of Queerientation is Sports in the Park on Sat 20th, AIDS Walk for Life and Lantern Ceremony on Sat 20th, COLA meeting on Wednesdays have begun again, Men’s Dinner Club next Thursday.  For more information, check out Check it out!  Guaranteed not to cause cavities!

Download or listen below


Also check out Canadian Podcast Buffet for this week’s episode Podcamp Montreal & Drag Queens.  Tyffanie had a little interview on this great Canadian Podcast! 🙂  Ahhh… I love stardom!  🙂

Oh ANNNND listen to this week’s CBC Spark podcast episode 45 for a little quote by Tyffanie.  Okay, when I hear it I squirm because I don’t sound… well… fun.  But it’s something!


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