Monthly Archives: September 2008

BWT058: Gay Conservative

This is a very special edition of Breakfast with Tyffanie.  I had a lovely thought provoking interview with Chris Reid.  Know him?  He’s been in the news lately.  He is an open gay man who is also conservative (right wing) and he’s also an old friend!  Interested?  Check it out! Chris and I both agree that you… yes YOU should […]

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BWT057: Fag be gone

Fag Be Gone is a new spray when you need to get that little annoying boy away from your boy!  🙂  Kidding!  Today Tyffanie talks about news articles, opinion pieces, HIV/AIDS, and the AIDS Walk for Life this Saturday!    She did forget to do the Community Bulletin Board 🙁  I know!  I’m sorry.  BUT here are some highlights: TONIGHT Thursday […]

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BWT055: Lambada

Lambada is the Forbidden Dance… la la la… Tyffanie may have gone into the deep end.  Especially when she speaks about herself in the 3rd person 🙂  Today’s show has Tyffanie chatting about the return of students, the Lambada, obsession with old movies, and the possibility for small solutions creating the most good.  Can you believe she fits all that […]

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