• Disco themed drag show poster

    TShow: Groove Thang

    TShow: Groove Thang where we bring back that disco vibe.  The ladies will be channeling their inner Studio 54 selves.  DISCO LIVES!  Now if we can only find 3 Ryan […]

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Sabal Minor

Sabal Minor or Dwarf Palmeto is a small fan palm. It can grow upto 1meter high. It also is one of the most hardier of the palms but would require allot of protection if it were to survive outside my house all winter long

Cat paths

For years I have known my little backyard has been a super highway for felines and other small animals. Well, the proof is in the pudding when I look out the window today.

Breakfast with Tyffanie


BWT097: PAB2009

Tyffanie does quick interviews with her children’s ProTech recorder at the Podcaster’s Across Borders conference in Kingston.  Check it out 🙂  Lots of fun.  As […]